Saturday, December 10, 2016

Shiver Me Timbers?

Fun night of ugly sweaters and white elephants. Crazy to think the SC has been at it for a year now. Good, good times! Excited to have a new little peep join on Monday!

Busy day tomorrow. Really would love to stay in jammies, drink got chocolate with the kids and finally decorate our tree. I do wonder how many years we have gotten a tree and only put lights on it. I love our crazy mess!

There's a sweet little boy who finally fell asleep on my tummy. These days can still be so exhausting but I will so miss them when they are gone. So blessed.

Piper & Matthew 2.


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Friday, December 09, 2016

We All Live In A Yellow Submarine

1. I kinda feel like the little ole woman who lived in a shoe. I remember hitting the Q4 wall last year around this time too. Generally I'm pretty content about our square footage. If I could only change one thing it would be backyard space first and foremost. Then I'd want a space for kids and schooling that's outside of the main living area but overall I'm thankful and can't complain. But since we don't have extra living space to spare everything spills into our already limited space and I kinda feel like I'm in a shoe box. A chaotic, dirty, and disorganized shoebox.

2. It has been attention deficit central around here too. Today I felt too tired, too scattered, too short tempered, too ill equipped, too emotional, too everything not enough to do this job. And as the cherry on top, the three year Tornado poured pee on her brother to cap off the day. I need to escape to my pregnant troll cave. Really what I need to do is work on a schedule to help our days flow better. I never had time to do it before school started and it's kicking my buns now. Thankfully everything will be wrapping up at about the same time just in time for a new year. Deep breath!

3. Okay need to switch to some gratitude because I want to blow up my house, crawl into a hole, and feel so defeated about our scattered messy lives. How do I teach these little minions executive function when I'm the last person who should be teaching anybody about that anyway!?!?!? I can't imagine not having one of these little people but they are going to need to go to therapy simply over the amount of frozen pizza they have had to eat over the years. I have to get up tomorrow and figure out what to feed them again and I need to go to the grocery store but I don't have the energy to go much less take this fun bunch with me and even ordering it online is overwhelming and it's a first world freaking problem! First world problem!!!! Yet even that can't kick me into gear to be able to meal plan or figure out all that we need to get a grocery list together and that is depressing.

- Lord thank you for the Ishtar advent Devo. Just thinking about today's reading has me choked up again. Having to manage feeding my family and going to one of many many choices of stores is a drop in the bucket. So many families are going to bed starving tonight. So very very blessed.

- Thank you for my seven jewels. Give me energy, patience, endurance, and wisdom to raise each of them. There is no one size fits all approach to raising these kids. They are each so different with their different strengths and challenges.

-thank you Lord for quite and time to think and problem solve our beautiful mess. It would be so much easier to send these knuckleheads to freaking school. But in the quite I realize things just need to be revamped a bit. I forget at times why I choose to teach my kids. It's not to be sane that's for sure. Each one of them is indeed a treasure, a precious jewel, and each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. I want to capitalize on that for their sake. I want to be a good steward of the amazing minds the Lord has given them. It's challenging because even the one kid who seemed the easiest is now showing his own signs of attention issues. As an added bonus they all have their own different version. But God is good and He provides what we need. Sometimes all we need is some quiet.

Piper Devo. Ah the glory of God. The coming together of nations inspired to a census and the heavens aligning in such a perfect way to fulfill prophesy, to proclaim the coming of Christ. Awe struck wonder. He is mighty in power and His plans will always come to fruition. Oh praise Him! Oh let us come to worship. Oh how Advent fills my heart with wonder. Gives me reason to pause and continue to long expectantly when one day I too will meet Jesus face to face.


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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Paperwork Zoo

1. Celebrated my sweet fifth child today a day early. Shhh. She had a great day hanging out and playing make up with her sisters and making her new pup poop. Oh wonderful 5! It happened too fast but it's lovely.

2. So sad for a friend going through a miscarriage today. Told my kids to pray and started bawling as I did. Heaven is going to be lovely someday.

3. Loads of paperwork tonight getting ready for an appt at Scottish Rite. It's been over a year in the making and I had even thought it wasn't an option at this point. I don't think I'll find out new info but hopefully a specific diagnosis. Dyslexia or dysgraphia are my top two runners with inactive ADD. The more I fill out paperwork for this kid the more I realize I have another who is a dead ringer for ADHD. Like real deal H in the ADD. It explains A LOT! Helps me to have more compassion. The H adds a special component for sure. We sure are a crazy pile-a-zoo with our family full of ADD.

4. Oh the morning and getting up early is already making me sad.

5. Loved Piper's Devo yesterday on walking the Calvary Road. Of the sure beauty and pain it is to walk it.


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Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Up Too Late

Happy fake birthday to my Bellaballoo tomorrow. Up too late because of it.

Must sleep. Piper Devo and hopefully concentrated zzzz's.


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Sunday, December 04, 2016

Sometimes The Unexpected Yields Rest

1. Thinking today how although Saturday did not turn out how I would have wanted the illness in our house granted me a day at home and at rest. I felt pretty yuck yesterday. Thankful for the mercies hidden in the unexpected twists and turns.

2. Thankful for time this afternoon with my two oldest girls at a Ballet. I've always wanted to take them to a ballet and this one was perfect. Bonus I got to see a PATH student perform as well as well as a dear friend to my oldest. Thankful for sweet friendships for my girl and for myself. The Lord is good indeed.

3. Loved reading a friend's thoughts about the tension of the Advent season tonight. So much of this walk with Christ is filled with such beautiful tension. The pull from the flesh and from the wisdom of the world is a strong one and yet He beckons is to something greater. Something we can not achieve but rather simply accept. The Gospel tension of running the race well and yet learning to cease from striving. I've hit that perfect stride only a handful of times as during my brief seasons of running. Sometimes things are magical and I would find that perfect stride and running would seem effortless and I would feel as if I could run forever. Yeah most often running is not like that for me. I like the feeling I get afterwards but it's an uphill battle and fight the whole way. Everything within me often wants to stop and yet just one more stop sign or just one more tree. Keep going even when it's painful and you have to pour it all out like a drink offering. It's running with endurance and yet also learning to cease striving. It's messy. It's brutiful. It's gospel tension. One day all of it will be restored. Oh that day will be glorious. To think I only have the smallest amount of knowledge of the true greatness of my Lord and Savior. It's overwhelming to think about my prize and my treasure someday of Himself.

4. Piper Devo so simple and so great. The Lord's deliverance is not always as we anticipate. He takes worldly wisdom and He completely flips it upside down in its head. A baby born to poor parents. A child scoffed at as being illegitimate. No kingly arrival or estate. No upheaval of Rome and yet deliverance for all people. Deliverance in unexpected ways. How good is God?


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