Tuesday, December 21, 2004


i remember as a kid thinking that in the year two thousand there would be flying cars and people living on the moon. well, it's almost two thousand five and there is no sign of that quite yet. i wonder what this year has in store for me. i wonder what it has in store for team brown. i'm hopeful about 2005. i think it will have it's share of surprises but bring it on i'm ready.

it's hard to believe that i've been doing fulltime ministry for almost a year now. it's been one heck of a year. i think i've finally settled into a nice stride. i still struggle with time management and organization but hopefully i'll be able to sharpen those skills in the next five months. i've had some triumphs and some failures. middle school has been awesome! it's has it's share of struggle but i feel like that group is finally starting to arrive. the leaders are terrific and once we get the whole worship thing figured out then booyah the hardest part has been done. now it;s a nice steady track of improving on what's already in place. high school is a different story but the story is already being written in our middle school group. i've beginning to discover that even though ilove high school kids i would rather run a service for middle school kids anyday. i'm not cool enough for high school. i really enjoy working with college age kids too. they too are different and present their own challenges but one on one like high school students it's great.

ministry has been hard. somedays i'm in total awe of God and amazed at what he is doing and other times i feel absolutely defeated. but i made it. i made it through my first year. this is the year that kills some people but it hasn't killed me and God has grown me in amazing ways. i think i've officailly gotten my minstry legs and i look forward to the possibility of a church plant and taking my knowledge to an itty bitty group that i get to grow up with. if i could hang with this dysfunctional group for a year then with God's help i can take on whatever may come.

2005 is this the year i will finally leave texas? i think this is the year that les and i get a real lesson in faith. we have no idea what's in store for us but we both know that gateway is looking for people to replace our jobs starting in january. we started the clock ticking without ever knowing anything for sure. it's going to be an interesting year. will we have faith to walk in the fire? i sure hope so.