Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Oh yes I did post this picture and oh yes it definately is what you think it is. This afternoon was the first time I've changed a poopy diaper since this weekend. To Abbie's credit, I think she was trying to tell me she needed to go poop on the potty before she went, but my toddler translater was temporarily out of commission. I thought cleaning out the training potty would be worse than a loaded diaper but it is sooo much easier. Abbie is still a loooong ways off but if I'm on my A game I can catch her and baby wrangle her on the potty in time for her to go. It helps that she gets the classic "poop" face before she goes. Between catching her before she goes in her diaper and training her to go poop when she's at childcare, I think my job is about to get a lot easier.


I've been finding crickets around my apartment the past couple of days. This afternoon while Abbie and Paul were taking a nap, I found an evil trollish cricket coming near my children on the bed and I'm positive that he was coming to suck out there brains. As disturbing as it is to find a big black bug on your bed it still isn't as distrubing as what I found at the bottom of a fruit bowl in MY kitchen and in one of the diaper pails last week. I can't even bring myself to write the word and yes I feel like the dirtiest wife on the planet. Gotta fire that maid!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I don't feel like I really want to be a mom today. If I could call in and take a day off, I think I would. I don't want to chase after and discipline a toddler today and I definitely don't feel like breastfeeding two babies today, and I REALLY don't want to take care of a fussy teething baby today. I hate these days when I'm tired and grumpy and all I want to do is think about myself.

God help me not to be so focused on myself that I miss out on the blessing of being a mom today!!

Friday, July 20, 2007


The Brown's have converted their umbrella stroller into the new Maddox Deluxe. The reviews on this stroller have been stellar. The only downside is that the kit that converts it into a triple stroller is a little spendy.


Abbie has officially peed in the potty for the first time. I had to set her on the potty and she cried the entire time but she peed none the less. The potty we have makes a noise everytime you pee in it and it totally freaked her out. If I can only get her to understand that pee in the potty equals chocolate chips then she'll have it down in no time. She is sooo my daughter!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Since the day I found out I was pregnant, I've been stressing out about this parenting thing. I've read all kinds of books and articles related to parenting and discipline. Last night Les was praying for a friend and while I was listening to him pray it finally clicked. I've been stressed about parenting because the model I was raised with was not a good one. I've felt lost without any model to turn too. I feel like such a dorko though because I've had the perfect parental model right in front of my face. God is our perfect Father and the model I need to be looking towards is Him. He's been right beside me the whole time just waiting for me to figure out this simple truth.

I get so worked up about what I should be letting go as a parent and about the things I've been letting slip that need to be address. My problem is that I've been trying to parent in a way that the world seems fit as well as trying to parent in a way that God sees fit. The two can't exist together. I may raise a child that the world deems unexceptable but I can live with that as long as my children grow up passionate about following Christ. God doesn't care about whether or not we follow the rules to a tee, He cares about where our hearts are. Viewing parenting in this light is soo simple.

Since Abbie and Paul are young they need a lot of rules to protect them as they grow and gain wisdom. As they grow older, it's not as important what kind of movie they watch or how late they stay out, it's about where their heart is on all of those matters. God isn't interested in us making the "perfect" choice, He's interested in what motivates our hearts to make the choices that we do. The awesome thing about this, is that ot works both ways. As I disciple Abbie and Paul I get ask myself where my heart is. Am I disciplining because I'm embarrassed of their behavior or because I am trying to train them how to seek out righteuosness?

I now have my answer on what to do with Abbie and her fits, which are growing in intensity daily. I've thrown the most horrible temper tantrums towards God. He's never struck me down or corrected me. He's just lovingly listened and held me during those moments. It's the same with Abbie. She can flop and howl and protest all she wants. It's okay for her to be angry but it's not okay for her to act out in anger. I never imagined that my children would make the bible come so alive for me. I also never realized how the idea of God being my Father had been only head knowledge and that it hadn't sunk into my heart yet. Who knew that my kids would sharpen eveyday and that they would draw my closer to Christ.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I don't know how they do it, but somehow Abbie and Paul know everythime their parents are in bed and are touching. I'm sure this is exactly what our kiddos are thinking.

Abbie: Paul! Get up! Mom and Dad are cuddling and we let them sleep almost the whole night last night so they aren't haggard and exhausted and you know what that means. I'm glad your my brother and all but seriously there's only room for two cute kiddos in this family.

Paul: Good call sis, I almost let that one slip. Why don't you cry first and then I'll cry and pretend that you woke me up.

Abbie & Paul: WHAAAAA!!!!

Us: Ha! Ha! We have you two figured out now and we all know you can't stay up forever!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


this past weekend little pauley got his first haircut. i still can't believe how much hair this little guy was born with. i guess i should have gotten a picture of the 80's mullet he has been sporting around but probably by the time he would be old enough for me to use it as blackmail, the mullet will be back as the new latest and greatest fad. i don't know about you, but the thought of the lovely mullet coming back in style is just what i need to help drag me out of bed in the morning after a long night of tending to babies.


there were a lot of things i expected or things i assumed would happen when i had kids. one of the things i never expected was to have a deeper understanding of God's love. until you become a parent, there is no way you can fully understand how deep a parent's love runs for their child. it's almost mind boggling sometimes to think about how much i love my kids. to think that the love i have to offer them is only a mere fraction of how much God loves them and how much He loves me. it blows me away.

when i think about the story of the cross now and wonder what it would be like to have to offer up one of my kids to save others, it kills me. i don't think i could do it. yet another good reason i'm not God. i always think about what an amazing and painful sacrifice it must have been for God to offer up His only Son.

tonight my husband brought up another take on the story. as a parent, i would take on any and all the pain, hurt and sorrow my children have or will experience in life. this of course isn't possible but i would do anything if i could. this is exactly what God did though. God took on the sin of the entire world so that we might be free. He took on all the pain, sorrow, and hurt and He bore it on the cross. all of us deserve to suffer an eternity suffering for our sin. God couldn't stand the thought of being separated from us or for us to have to bear such a horrible fate and He took it on. i have always seen the story from the aspect of a father offering up his son. but with God being God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy spirit all in one (the whole Trinity thing blows my mind a little); God the Father offered Himself so that "us kids" could be free of pain and death. all i can say in response to this new view is "Thank You Abba." just like my kids wont understand all the sacrifices i make for them on a daily basis until they are grown, neither will i understand just how much God has sacrificed for me.