Thursday, September 27, 2007


I don't know why I've been so fired up to put Abbie in pigtails. Maybe because I thought my chunky little cue ball would never actually grow hair. Last week I was finally able to baby wrangle Abbie and get her hair into two little pigtails. VICTORIOUS! Too bad it only last for like two seconds. Abbie girl, I hope you realize this as complicated of a hair style as your momma can produce. It's pigtail city until you can do your own hair!


Abbie was invited to a most spectacular b-day party this past weekend. Little Bailey turned two and her momma hooked her up with a killer Elmo birthday party. The cake was a labor of love and in my opinion, Tara Strain has just won the Mother of the Year Award. Don't get any funny ideas Abbie, this momma can't crank out cakes like this one. She can darn well stuff one in her face though. The cake was not only amazing, the pciture doesn't do it justice, it tasted awesome too.

There are some other pictures of Abbie at the party. Poor Paul, it's true what they say, number two just doesn't get as many pictures taken.

Friday, September 21, 2007


it's official, the brown's are expecting #3 sometime at the end of may. us brown's like to roll on the crazy side of town. here's hoping for cuatro brown in 09!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


this week has been a busy week for the brown household. we've survived yet another round of the rotovirus. abbie was the first victim to fall and passed it on to paul and i was the last to get sick. i out smarted mr. roto this time and took a finagrin and managed to slither away with only a 24 hour fever. les walked away victoriously from this round with no ill effect.

in the middle of washing our sheets 30 times and cleaning up exploding diapers les's mom, lovingly known as gg, made a visit to dallas for the labor day weekend. abbie loves gg and keeps asking for her. while gg was here she tried to get me hooked on mary kaye by giving me a facial and fun free mary kaye products. if you see me wearing make-up in the upcoming future than you know she has succeeded in becoming my new pusher.

the last several weeks paul has been sporting the new fussy pant. i thought we had seen the last of pauly wally fussy pants when his top two teeth finally broke through last week. we even had some days that were back to normal before mr. roto decided to visit us for vacation. the last several days however have been brutal. he hasn't been sleeping and he just is not the laid back baby we know. last night it occured to me that something just wasn't right. all kinds of crazy things can happen when you think something is wrong with your baby. i bought some lactose free formula to see if he was suffering from temporary lactose intolerance from the stomach virus he had. i was going to take him to the dr. to see if he had an ear infection. then it occured to me that he might be suffering from some acid reflux. when he was an infant we thought he might be suffering from gerd since he was soo fussy. it didn't make since that he would start suffering from it again now, since as babies grow older they grow out of their gerd condition. then we realized he had been puking for a couple days and that could have irritated his esophagus and made the acid reflux come back. we've been keeping him off his back after he eats and it seems like it's doing the trick. he's more like the baby i know him to be today. whew!!! i thought i was never going to get another good night sleep again. here's hoping to a more laid back week and babies that sleep through the night.


i just finished step 3 in CR. step 3 is: consciously choose to commit all my life and will to Christ's care and control. starting this step has been incredibly frustrating. one of the christian cliques that they use for this step is to "let go and let God." i would get so angry just thinking about that. i felt like i had been trying to do that over and over but, fall flat on my face. let go and let God can be said so flippantly too, like it's sooo easy to do. i wanted to know what the heck that really meant and how i was supposed to do that.

this week i think it clicked. the last 28 years of my life has been ruled primarily by how i feel. while feelings are real, they are not always right. through the twelve step process i've discovered that how i feel about God does not match up with the truth i know about God. basically, what my head says doesn't always match up with what my heart says. i've realized that instead of following truth, my head, i've been following how i feel, my heart. not a wise decision.

i need to start running my feelings through the filter of God's Truth and instead of continuing to act on my emotions, i need to act on what i know to be true. God still requires my obedience even when it feels like He isn't there or He doesn't have my best interest at heart, or even when it feels like He couldn't possibly love me. i thought acting on this would be difficult but actually it's a lot easier than what i've been doing in the past.

onto step 4. i look forward to being on the other side of 4 even though i'm not thrilled about being in the middle of it.