Tuesday, February 26, 2008


poor abbie girl decided to celebrate her 2nd birthday by coming down with the flu today. she went down for a nap today and woke up looking like she'd been hit by a truck. that kind of clued me in that her complaints about her ear hurting wasn't just about an ear infection. thankfully, we caught it early and abbie and the rest of us brown's are on tamiflu. abbie was burning up when she woke up from her nap this morning and she's already feeling cooler. too bad she threw up her second dose this evening. hopefully, this wonder drug will be worth it's expense and abbie will be better in 24 hours and the rest of us will stay flu free. i wait in hopeful anticipation of calling my next post "i heart tamiflu."

Thursday, February 21, 2008


before i start my post on why there is yet another reason why i love chocolate cake, as if i needed another, props up to all the moms who raise kiddos on their own and other mommas who have husbands who travel on a regular basis. you are the b.a.'s of the momma world in my eyes.

les has been out of town the last couple of days. he never travels and is home 95 percent of the time so him being out of town is totally foreign to me for the most part. the mere thought of him going out of town strikes fear into my heart. at least it did till tonight. i have discovered that i can conquer all problems with a little chocolate cake.

let me back up just a little. the day les left out of town i decided that it was a good time to take the poppy's (pacifers) from abbie and paul during waking hours. both of my kids carry around their pacis like it is an extra appendage. they love their pacifiers. paul's paci lust is no where near abbie's but it's an addiction none the less. why i decided to do this while les is out of town is beyond me. the point is there has been much crying and nashing of teeth the past couple of days.

this evening while i was grabbing abbie and paul's pjs out of the dryer abbie managed to smash paul's finger in the baby potty. he was wailing so badly i thought it might have even been broken. abbie starts wailing because paul is crying so i took paul into the kitchen. abbie then stops crying but comes into the kitchen with a paci she has found. i tell you that girl could sniff out a pacifier ten miles away. i do not want the last couple days of wailing and nashing of teeth to go in vain so i ask her to give the paci to me. she does but starts to throw a crazy fit. by this point i've figured out paul is fine but i've totally hit my crying quota for the day. so i do the first thing that pops into my head to get them to stop crying as fast as possible, i offer them chocolate cake. abbie is so my daughter and stopped her crying immediately. once she was calm paul calmed down. the three of us sat down and dined on fabulous and wonderful chocolate cake. the rest of the evening was actually tear free and the kids even went down earlier than normal. oh thank you for saving my sanity this evening my dear sweet chocolate cake.

on a side note, this evening i realized if i had too i could survive with having a traveling husband. even with it only being night number two you kinda start to get into a routine. i didn't think my mom skills could hang like this but i guess they can. i don't want him to ever take a job where he would have to travel a lot though. i miss the farting and the snoring way too much!!! i just love being around my husband and my kids would miss their daddy way too much!! plus i find it wrong that while abbie, paul and i ate chicken noodle soup tonight les had filet mignon. isn't there some mommie conference us mommie's need to attend sometime soon?


well, my husband and i have been memed (?) and since i know les wont do this on his blog i figured i might as well be a good sport and play along. not sure if i'm doing this right so here goes.

first off the rules. anyone who knows me well knows i'm all about the rules (HA!)

(1) Link to the person that tagged you.
(2) Post the rules on your blog.
(3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
(4) Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
(5) Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

the person who tagged me is tammy. tammy is a fabulous lady who helps her husband run the children's ministry at gateway community church in austin texas. she has three awesome teenage boys who i had the pleasure of working with in the youth group. i can't believe how old they are gettting, sometimes it makes me feel like grandma moses.

Drum role please here are the six non-important things/habits/quirks about myself.

#1 i have to have the toilet seat and lid down or i freak out.. when les and i first got married i'm sure he thought i was a bit crazy about how much having the toilet seat and lid down meant to me. now he admits that he has developed the same anal tendancy. once when i was staying at someone's house i put the lid down as usual and my host peed on top of the lid while on a pee break during the middle of the night.

#2 certain music can transport me to a land far far away aka my happy place. the top culprits are dave matthews, clocks by cold play, david crowder, john mayer and various others that i can't remember right now. remember the baby is stealing my brain cells as i type this. les has learned that attempting to communicate with me while the transport is happening is futile.

#3 i am a picker which i am sure is a generational curse passed down to me. growing up my mom used to pick at my face. yes she used to pop whatever she could find growing on my face. this of course stopped when i discovered the joy zit popping could invoke. the picking does not end at a measily zit here and there it has morphed into something awful. i have even been known to grow out my pinky nail which i lovingly refer to as, not my coke nail but, my booger nail which, i use to pick the various things found attached to my childrens face. yes i have even attacked my husband once or twice. abbie has been cursed with the picking gene and has picked her brother's and her father's nose. no, i do not pick lester's nose. yuck!

#4 i'm not a big fan of pregnancy but i LOVE giving birth! i love giving birth so much i would birth my friends babies if it were possible. i'm sure my lightening fast labors help with my love of labor.

#5 i drink the milk that is left after eating a bowl of cereal. never thought this was strange but it makes my husband want to gag. maybe that's a strange quirk of his and i'm actually the normal one.

#6 i love the ocean but it scares the tar out of me. if the word vacation comes into conversation the first place my mind drifts to is the beach. my worst nightmare though would be to be stuck out in the ocean. i'm also a freak show when it comes to getting in the water. i have no problem getting into the water but if anything even gets close to brushing up against my leg i freak. i spaz out the entire time i'm in the water. i'm sure it's amusing to the onlookers.

didn't think i was this cool did ya?

my meme-ing victims and probably the only six people who read my blog. anne maddox, the thought of seeing your list intrigues me the most. tara, i feel like we are moving from the dating stage to the courting stage of friendship and would love to see what some of your quirks are. chrys, you my friend, are soo on top of your blog and you may be the only one who actually does this. angela and sundee, both of you ladies have very thought provoking blogs, i would love to see what you two would come up with. russell, you my friend, i've known the longest and you are a total blogging slacker, would love to know how number two is treating you. heck you didn't even blog that number two was baking!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


sometimes you just don't realize how harsh some of the things that come out of your mouth sound until your little one starts repeating what you say. a couple days ago paul was crying and abbie began to say "paul is freaking out!" she then went on to say "i'm freaking out!" i don't think i've said those exact words, possibly, but i know on numerous occasions have said the kids are freaking out. i in fact say the word freaking on a consistent basis. it's no big surprise since one of my favorite words used to be the F-bomb. oh yes, this gal had a mouth that would make a sailor blush. in comparision, the word freaking seemed like a pretty innocent word until abbie started saying it. what word do i use now? i've already replaced the big F-bomb with a little f-bomb, where do i go from here? looks like i need to go back through my vocabulary and do some more fine tuning.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


it's interesting to me how you can drift away from someone and not even realize that anything has really gone awry. the past month, i feel like les and i have gotten back on track. honestly, i hadn't even realized how much we both were missing until getting back on track. i've missed my husband and i've missed the fun we used to have together. it's great to recapture some of that newlywed feeling again. i've chalked up the distance and lack of enegery in our relationship to being perpetually pregnant the past three years. add in a new monkey every year and it has just felt like this is what our new stage of life must be like. what i didn't realize was that i had been sucked into the mommie vortex. i knew i was married but i realized i was treating les simply as the father of my children instead of my husband as well. i wasn't giving him much to go on either to help him switch from that's the mother of my children mode to that's my wife. it struck me one day as i was getting dressed and les happened to walk by and make a big deal out of me wearing a simple cotton bra. nothing fancy, lacey or uncomfortable. i couldn't figure out what the big deal was until i realized the poor guy has seen nothing on me except a sports bra or a nursing bra since the time i've been pregnant with abbie. we're talking 2005 people!!! no wonder why our marraige had gotten borderline lamo.

one of the really crazy things is that i was fooling myself to believe that i've been working on being a better wife by trying to become a better homemaker. unfortunately this is definately not my strong suit. thankfully, les loves me through my struggle with organization. it helps that he's not great at it either. instead of just focusing on having an organized home what i've really needed to be sharpening is pursuing les as a friend, confidant and lover. raising kiddos is exhausting work but it's worth putting in the extra hours to have a vibrant marraige. les and i are still trying to figure it all out but it's been nice to put the mommie suit aside and remember what it's like to just be a wife and just be desi for that matter.

mommies out there i urge to put the nursing bras away from a day a remember what it's like to just be a wife. there is so much more to marraige than just lacey bras and underwear that itch but i think it's a darn fine place to start. i'm sure most of you moms have no idea what the heck i'm writing about. maybe some of you are even thinking les and i should forget about burning the nursing bras and instead go find the birth control. that's probably a good idea too but in this crazy baby stage i want to continue to try to figure out how to be the mommie my kids deserve without murdering the wife les deserves.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


so the baby that i was 100% sure was a girl, is a boy. i almost gasped when i saw the baby's penis. don't get me wrong i'm fired up to be having a boy! there is a part of me that thrives on controlled chaos and two little boys in the mix at the brown house will guarantee plenty of that. plus the thought of abbie girl having to share her princess status with another little girl kinda made me sad. i'm still hoping for another little girl someday but for now i'm fired up to be backing team blue! les and i have decided on benjamin luke for our little pistols name. we are going to carry on the wacky tradition of calling our boys by their middle name. LUUUKKKKEEEE i am your mother! poor kid wont even be able to exit the womb without being sick of the luke jokes.