Wednesday, April 16, 2008


my little abbie girl seems to be boy crazy. i'm hoping that she is fascinated by older boys right now because they are so incredibly goofy and it intrigues her. maybe she'll follow after her mommas foot steps and end up being the biggest tomboy in all of dallas county. who knows the reason why but abbie is definately interested in boys. already!

les and i have noticed little things here and there. it's just little subtle ways she acts different around her girlfriends than she does with boys. les has a video of a promo for the echo conference coming up that has a boy in it and she will ask over and over again to watch the boy. "i wanna watch the boy daddy."

this afternoon abbie, paul and i hung out in the front yard. it was a sweet time together and i got a chance to talk to some of the neighborhood kids. one of the boys that lives next door is a third grader named bobbie. oh, did abbie ever enjoy bobie's company this afternoon. "draw a doggie bobbie." "i went potty bobbie." "ihave a belly button bobbie" and the show went on and on. when he left to go home abbie burst into tears and kept saying bobbie over and over again. the child is two!!! not two and almost three, twenty five stinkin months! i'm sure this is so innocent and has no bearing to what the future holds for our sweet little girl. i have to be honest it does strike a little fear into this mommas heart.

thankfully, my kiddos have been blessed with a killer father who desires to be a huge influence in our kiddos life. i know as abbie gets older she will have an amazing man to compare all the goofy boys she may meet in the future to. hopefully, abbie will understand God's incredible amount of love for her and how much les and i love her and wont need to seek out that love in relationships with boys. whew! this parenting thing sure doesn't get easier does it?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


in three to eight weeks I will be popping out an actual baby. Judging by the new urge to nest and constant braxton hicks and mild contractions Luke will probably be here closer to three or four weeks. I'm about to have a flippin baby people!!!!! Why this hasn't fully registered till now is beyond me. It's probably because I'm starting to feel like being pregnant is more normal than to not be. Seems like being pregnant has been the best birth control method for us Browns.

Monday, April 07, 2008


this weekend Paul broke out in hives and scared us all a bit. friday morning i saw what looked like possible bug bits on his wrist and thought he had a touch of diaper rash. by the evening he had a lot more marks and thought he was just breaking out in a rash from his mmr shots he received about ten days earlier. saturday morning the spots were growing and increasing in number. we called the doctors office and they thought it was just a typical rash from mmr shots and to give him benedryl to help relieve some of the itching. saturday night we put paul in bed with us just in case anything crazy happened and les woke up early sunday morning as usual. when i got up with little man and turned on the lights i was shocked to see how covered his face was. he looked more like a tomato than a little boy. at this point I started freakin a bit. I texted les and told him what was going on. I decided to just wait till he got home to make sure I wasn't being a overly sensitive momma. Anything is possible when I'm pregnant. Once he got home he took one look at him and realized Paul was starting to get puffy so we were off to Childrens. The doc there was awesome. By the way he was thinking through everything I felt like I was on an episode of house. The doc's conclusion was an allergic reaction to the antibiotic Omnicef. I have to admit I wasn't 100% sold on that. After talking to my mom last night about a very similar reaction she had with an antibiotic and an explaination from our normal doc on how he could still be breaking g out with hives after the meds have stopped I'm convinced it was from the antibiotic. Little man is doing better but is still breaking out in fresh hives. This will probably continue for a couple more days. Poor little guy is itchy and miserable and not sleeping very well. If you think about it pray that the new hives stop and Paul can get some relief. The pictures above are actually after being on steriods for several hours.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


There are a ton of baby boys being born this year and since I have recently fallen in love with yet another boy name I want to stake my claim to it for a future brown boy. I don't even know why I'm doing this since the latest trend in boy names seems to be last name sounding names for boys. I think I'm the only one really fired up about naming my children after people from the bible right now. I never thought I would be a nerdy Christian and do this but I LOVE the meaning Hebrew names had and the thought that went behind them. I have no intention or desire to change Luke's name. He for whatever reason feels like he is supposed to be a Luke. One of the cool things I've ran across and didn't realize prior to landing on Luke, is that Paul and Luke were companions and Luke helped Paul on some of his mission trips. Yep that got this momma even more fired up. As for the boy name I would like to reserve is Jeremiah. Not a popular name at all but ya never know. Jeremiah means God sets free. Eventhough I constantly struggle with it, I'm fired up about the freedom Christ offers each and every one of us!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I am currently making this blog post on my phone while I sit in the car in front of my house. My kids are passed out and the last several weeks of making the "transfer" has gone terribly wrong. I am scared today will be another repeat and I'm not sure I'm at all prepared for the screaming and nashing of teeth. I wonder if it would be weird if I took a nap in here too?

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


wish i had some great story to tell about Easter but i don't. as usual i ended up with a bad attitude. i tried super hard to be gracious and patient. that flew out the window the moment i realized i had no stroller in the car and i was parked in the parking garage a billion miles away. yep i was the one with all the easter cheer who had to bite my tongue to stop from dropping f-bombs in the the parking garage.

thank you Jesus that you love me and accept me just the way i am and you died on the cross for this ragamuffin mom!