Thursday, July 31, 2008


So I entered into the cult known as cloth diapering. Why you might
ask? Because obviously I have way too much time on my hands and
because this last baby stole my last functioning brain cell.

I actually stumbled into this brave new world on a quest to figure out
why anyone would do such a horrible thing. What I found was actual
costs of how much I have spent on diapers. That isn't what drove me
over the edge either. It was finding out that disposables are going up
in price AGAIN!! I couldn't believe it. I almost threw up in the isle
at Costco the first time I paid almost forty bucks for a box of
diapers and the price is going up AGAIN!? It drove me to the edge and
I gladly jumped into the dark world of cloth diapering.

So far the transition has been cake. Luke has blow outs of gianormous
proportion anyway so who cares if it's in cloth versus a disposable
made out of gold. Abbie is potty trained except for at night and Paul
is constipated over half the time anyway. A few rabbit pellets never
hurt anybody. Don't get me wrong though, I'll keep disposables around
for those fun stomach bugs. I'm not that crazy, yet.

As far as the crunchy part, I'm all about being a good steward of the
earth. However, the thought of my babies disposables didn't keep me up
at night. I'd be filling up landfills left and right if those diaps
were cheaper. For now I'm trading my landfilling ways for sucking dry
all the lakes and ponds in Texas from all the laundry I'll be doing now.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Watch out Etta!


Last night during dinner Abbie nursed her baby and said "I don't have
boobies I have nipples." oh the fun things they say when we have
guests for dinner!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I feel like I'm having a hard time finding the right balance with this
whole wife and mom thing. To keep us fed and the house from becoming a
total death trap I have to ignore my kiddos. I feel bad about
household junk getting in the way of teaching, playing and loving on
them and dinner isn't made and after a couple days house = death trap.
Better solution is to get stuff done while kids nap. Great but after
awhile I get so exhausted I'm mean cranky pants mommie. Last week I
was so tired I was convinced I had an attachment disorder and I'm not
talking about acsessories either people. As far as being a wife goes,
I'm a shriveled up needy prune by the time Les gets home. I have
nothing left to give. How do I balance it all? The emotional toll of
being needed by three little ones isn't as bad as it was with two but
it still gets to me now and then. Am I spending one on one time with
each of them? Am I making sure to connect with all three everyday? By
connection I don't mean wooden spoon to bum either. I know in a month
or two balance and rhythem will once again resume, well as balanced as
it gets for us Browns. For now I'm still trying to figure out how all
this is supposed to work.


Saturday, July 26, 2008


This was Abbie's attempt at helping me with laundry.


I've been waiting for the day to hawk your hair buddy. Too bad it's so
not you.


Big boy pants don't go there buddy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Whew! These boys have been wearing this momma out. Luke is such a laid
back baby, if he's being held. He's totally happy hanging out in a
sling. Easy enough right? Not so easy when toddler Paul wants to be
held too and tries to crush his brother.

I was under the crazy assumption that after a certain number "what's
one more?" Well, three is not the magic number. All the infant stuff
with Luke wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't compounded by Paul not
sleeping well. I think we are taking a corner for the better though.
Crying it out has been brutal but we are finally in the home stretch.
I can confidently say that no matter how many monkies you may or may
not have, parenting is no easy task!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Trying to reason with a two year old girl that wearing pink cords in
the summer is useless.

I've put Abbie's clothes all in her reach so she can start picking out
her own clothes. When she acts like a big girl, she gets to do big
girl things. She has definately picked things I wouldn't have but it's
good for me to learn how to stop sweating over the little things.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Why are you smiling poppy bear? Don't you hear that screaming toddler
sleeping with you?


Introducing my new BFF!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This week I am planning on renaming my children tooth, tantrum and
tude. Luke's tooth is breaking through the gum now and he's been a lot
harder to console. Thankfully, the last several days he's begun to
fall into a schedule of sorts so I know when to expect the fussiness.

Paul has begun to craft his skill of tantrum throwing. He has thrown
two this week that seemed to last forever. On Monday I kept my eye on
the clock and he raged for almost thirty minutes then crashed for
several hours. I'm hoping he's just going through the two's early. If
this is only the beginning this mom is about to go through a journey
on learning more patience. I probably won't be catching up with the
Duggars either because those kind of fits make my ovaries begin to
shrivel up.

Abbie has officially started throwing the 'tude around lately. I
thought I had years before "the tude" would show it's ugly face. I
wish I had a finger to point at somebody for the attitude but I don't.

The thing about all of this that boggles my mind is just how fast
these little monkies are growing up. Despite the challenges that make
me want to pull out all my hair, these kids are growing into amazing
little people. I love being their momma. I just had no idea how
incredibly fast it would all go by.

Tomorrow Paul will say a new word and walk less like a monkey. Abbie
will step up just a little more and help her brothers on her own. Luke
will have a new tooth and engage with all of us more than he did
yesterday. I want to stop and freeze time. As crazy as it sounds
today, I know there will soon be a time when I would give anything to
deal with a teething baby, a tantrum throwing toddler and a sassy
little two year old.

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Thought I was going to get a free pass on the stomach bug that went
through the Brown household, not so much. Oh how I hate thee you
porcelean devil!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Say bye bye to that paci and bottle cool guy. Mom and Dad are finally
getting rid of "the things that make us get up ten billion times at


How can one simple word strike soo much fear into a mothers heart?
Ugh! This cat isn't even officially two months old yet.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


i am obsessed with the fact that luke looks so much like abbie did when she was a baby. think you can tell which baby is luke?

Week Five

Started this week off with a little painting fun. Even though we
painted outside, having a two year old and a toddler run around with
paint was a bit scary.

It feels like the craziness of the past few weeks is winding down. I
still have no energy but I'm hoping blood work shows a reason for the
extreme exhaustion.




home depot rocks my socks off for having a free children's workshop every first saturday of the month. good times!


this weekend cousin LCB came for a visit to celebrate her 6th birthday. big cousins are soo cool and so much fun!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Off to the doc tomorrow to see how many of the Brown kids have ear
infections. Abbie was in tears this evening complaining about her ear
hurting. Let the good times roll.
So thankful these minor bugs are the only health problems we've ever
had to face as a family. Very thankful this week for good health!!


Lovin the spit up that goes straight down the cleavage!


Maybe the tv has been on a little too much at the Brown House. I
figured out there might be a problem when Paul started pointing to the
tv when its off and whining.

Would love to just toss it out but Sesame Street helps insure that
this momma gets a cup of coffee in the morning. It also helps out in a
pinch when activities have failed and Luke is attached to the boob.
Maybe the mommie guilt needs to be tossed out instead of the tv.