Sunday, August 31, 2008


I have no idea why I'm counting down the weeks till I'm done with
Shelter. I wish going to this group would be a quick fix. Fourteen
hard weeks and then a shiny new life guaranteed upon completion. There
are no true quick fixes in life, only patches that we all know leave
us longing for more in the end.

To be honest I haven't even stuck my toe in the water yet. I think
this might be the sort of deal where I am forced to just dive into the
icy cold water. Gotta know I'm excited about that!

Right now though uncomfortable and a bit anxious I've been reminded
of how far God has taken me. Its the calm before the storm and the
hope that hopefully will carry me through.
Please help remind me of this hope when I begin to panic in that icy
cold water. The thought of just me and the Lord with out any of my
once beloved crutches is a bit intimidating. Week three here we go!

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Holly said...

Hey Desi
I did shelter and lead it when I was at Watermark. If you ever want to chat I would love too, especially being on the other side of it now. Feel free to email me or facebook me. My info is on facebook to be found!