Friday, October 10, 2008


Texas State Fair was once again a good time had by the Brown family. Kids had a great time and Les and I had fun eating some of the finer things in life dipped in batter and deep fried. Fried roll please: fried cheese cake, chicken fried bacon, cheesy corn dog, fried queso, and fried guacamole (x 3). It's so weird why this baby weight wont come off!

Paul joined Abbie in her love of the petting zoo and Luke replaced Paul in the baby carrier this year. I of course had the usual state fair coating of slime afterwards but had fun with the family. Look forward to the new fried delights in 09!!


Heather said...

Corn Dog! I forgot how much you loved those!

Tara said...

where are you???
what, are you too busy or something with your 3 under 3 to blog anymore?
i'm kidding! just miss picture of my favorite brown kids :)