Thursday, November 27, 2008


until having the pleasure of experiencing it first hand as a mom, i had absolutely no idea how incredibly disgusting children could be. i knew the word messy went along with children but i had no idea that i would ever some day pair the word children with disgusting. not a day goes by that i am not at some point coated with some sort of bodily fluid. i didn't quite realize that this was part of the job description as a mom. i now wear my snot spots and spit up stains as a proud badge of motherhood. i'm over this unexpected surprise. what still amazes me is the things my kids will put into their mouths and what they are willing to stick their tongues on. i am definitely no longer a paci washing mom. if it falls on the floor who cares? they'll just find something even more foul and disgusting to put into their mouths later on. i'm learning to come to grips with even this fun part of childhood. what is harder to swallow is the fun experiments children begin to try. i'm talking about the disgusting experiments. the past couple weeks my oldest child has found the pleasure of peeing in random different objects around the house. i wish it ended at that. the child has been found playing in the pee that is in the random object. thankfully it was pee and not the other glorious thing that children like to play with. all i can do is laugh and surrender to the fact that kids are just flat out disgusting little creatures. these little creatures are flat out wonderful too. wonderfully disgusting. my children are wonderfully disgusting.


Heather said...

I'm leaving right now to get my tubes tied.

Erin said...

this morning i laughed so hard:)
Abbie is such a smart cookie!