Saturday, January 24, 2009


So many things in life are bitter sweet. My kids growing up is
definately one of those things. Abbie can completely get herself
dressed now. It is so much easier not having to get three kids dressed
two times everyday. She has crossed over into the world of being a
little girl. According to her she is now a big girl. Watching her do
all her big girl things is so much fun. She's all things princess. I
once thought I wouldn't know what to do with this type of little girl
but I adore it! I love this new stage big girl stage but there is a
sting that comes with it. Although Abbie will always be my baby girl
she will never be a baby again. It's so bitter to know how fast it
flies by but it's so sweet to watch her grow into the little girl God
created her to be.

I once heard a parent say having kids just gets better and better. At
the time I couldn't phathom how such a thing could be true but it does
just get sweeter with time. It gets physically easier too but mentally
more exhausting.

I write all this as I grieve over an empty bed during nap time. I
started napping with Abbie early on. I was pregnant and tired and if I
napped with her, she would sleep longer. Once Paul was born I just
threw him in bed with us. Six months later I was pregnant and tired
and we continued the naps in my bed. I never broke them of the habit
till this week. Having them all nap together in the same bed has
become more and more of a burden. Les and I finally decided enough was
enough. Our hope is this will help Paul stay in his bed at night too.
So far so good. They don't nap everytime but that wasn't happening
anyway. I miss it though. I miss snuggling and wrestling with my sweet
babies. This by far has been the hardest ritual to change. I know in a
few weeks I be wondering why I didn't do this a LONG time ago. But for
now I sit in the sad bitter and wait for the sweet.


Caryn said...

I can relate to the bitter sweet 100% I am feeling A LOT of that these days!! I love your posts and point of view on things. And, I love those blue walls :)
Caryn Smith

jruiz said...

i am crying with you. they do grow up so fast