Sunday, September 27, 2009


this picture is the screen saver on my phone. Everytime I reach to call,
email or text someone, I see it. It's mezmorizing to me and I think if I
had the time I could stare at it for hours. For me, it captures the
joy and blessing my children are to me. For them, it captures the joy
of childhood.

A couple weeks ago I got busted staring at this picture. My Shelter co-
leader said let me see those kids. She stared at it for awhile and
commented at how my kiddos looked so happy. I responded by saying
"this is what childhood should be." children should grow up in a
loving home. They should laugh, be care free and joyful. The women
that would be joining us in the room later that evening didn't get to
experience that as children. Sure there may have been moments but
nothing like what it should be or should have been.

There are so many of us out there who never got to experience what
should be. So many children right now, next door, or half way across
the world who aren't experiencing what should be. Neglected, abused,
poverty stricken, starved, forced into slavery, fatherless, orphaned,
forgotten and abandoned, they are out there and one may even be you.

Again I am struck by the question, how am I to respond? I am grieved
that their are so many children out there that aren't experiencing
what should be. I am grieved for myself and the countless numbers of
other adults who also didn't get to experience what should be.

I am also awed over a great God. A God so great that He took all the
what should NOT have been's and conquered them while nailed to a tree.
A God who heals the loss experienced by those who missed out on what
should been's. I am awed and thankful for a God who is sovereign over
all and can restore all.

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Mary and Home Adventures said...

Awesome blog Desi - I completely agree with you. I too have a picture of my daughter that to this day (and it has been 10 years), still stare at it. They are truly a God given gift.