Monday, May 03, 2010

There is nothing like tromping around in God's creation to open up a heart of gratefulness. His creativity is astonishing. This weekend my family and I seized the opportunity of a bonus day off to watch things grow. This weekend we planted seeds for a garden that we'll hopefully see grow soon. We also collected Monarch Eggs, four to be exact, that hopefully we'll be blessed to see turn into butterflies over the next month. So grateful to teach my children that God is the author of life and He is the one who makes things grow.

111. Finding four Monarch Eggs
112. Meeting a sweet friend unexpectedly during the great Monarch Egg Hunt of 2010
113. God's creativity shown through His creation
114. God makes things grow
115. Our new onion patch
116. Watching my little farmers have fun in the mud
117. Knocking on every single door on our street with my family on a beautiful day.
118. Unexpected late night talks with Abbie Girl
119. One on one time with Lukey today
120. Cuddling with an almost nakey baby
121. Three day weekends
122. Scrappy little Abbie Fish number two
123. Sweet Tea
124. Satiny Smooth baby skin
125. Baby giggles
126. Knowing God willing I'm not done with the miracle of pregnancy and birth
127. Oxytocin Paradise
128. Exodus
129. Drawn From Water
130. God's faithfulness
131. Cuddling with 3 snoozing Brown Boys in the afternoon
132. Finding Paul curled up on my bed holding Buzz and his rocket
133. Snotty little boy kisses
134. Hearing my oldest son say "I love you Mom" despite my daily imperfections as a mom.
135. Holding a Lukeapotomus in my lap

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