Monday, October 18, 2010

It creeps in slowly and little by little drowns out life. Depression is a slow and silent killer. It attacks when you least expect it.

Several weeks ago I was given the privilege and the honor of speaking to a group of women about the hope that awaits them on their journey of  recovery from sexual abuse. My story being used for His glory. Beauty for ashes. Victory was won that day.

The following weeks have been wrought with illness and the silent killer. It crept in slowly. Disconnect. Sleeplessness. Shame. Guilt and despair. The cloud has been thick choking out the joy of a life spent with the many blessings of Christ.

Today I fight back. I choose to give thanks despite a disconnected heart. Thank you God for the many blessings you have bestowed upon me!!

136. The wonder of boys
137. Four napping Brown Kids
138. Four cranky Brown Kids who love to be held by their Momma
139. The beauty God expresses through His beloved daughters
140. Christ is the depression destroyer
141. He uses ALL things for His Glory!
142. A handsome snoring husband
143. A bed full of little kicking feet
144. Little girl kisses
145. A new walking partner who I adore
146. Sweet teething baby
147. Two functioning arms
148. The refreshment of Fall
149. Open windows
150. Phenomenal park weather

holy experience

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