Monday, January 30, 2012

DAY 555: MATT 21

On the couch with 2.5 sleeping Brownies. I've been blessed with a pretty sweet life. Yesterday I drove behind our Brownie Mobile and it hit me that we have five kids. Five kids!! That's crazy! Wonderfully crazy amazing! I never would have planned such things but I'm so beyond thankful that God did. I love how the beautiful chaos drives me towards Him.

Started working more with Paul a little today doing phonics and reading. This really helped Abbie and her attitude about having to do school work. Paul's chomping at the bit to start and Abbie would rather play with her brothers than do school work. (Love that they enjoy each other so much!) Having Paul start on reading lessons is going to be really good. There was already some healthy competition going on and they were both really spurring each other on.

MATT 21:
The hearts of the Pharisees are really exposed in this chapter. In the temple merchants are set up in the courtyard making crazy money selling the official "sacrifice" worthy animals. The priests have no concern over that but are burnt up with jealousy because Jesus is healing people and calling him the Son of David. They have no concern with the truth but rather desire whatever will benefit them the most.

Jesus tells two parables that paint a grim picture for the Pharisees. They understand the parables are about them but it only fuels their instead. They miss an opportunity to repent and they are just not interested with such things.

Oy! Was going to launch into my Pharisee speech but sweet baby girl gave a nice speech about it and she said it much better than I could. This is definitely something I need to guard against, a pharisaical heart. Righteousness can never be earned based on my own merit. Religion is such an evil.

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