Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DAY 556: 2 TIM 2

Full day. Took the girls to La Madeline today for a change of pace for school. It was good. Abbie felt special and big since I let her drink the fabulous nectar of Dr. Pepper. No whining or complaining about school work either, weird. Since we only got drinks it was a super cheap working date.

Took the kids to the library for a craft/game night. Kids had fun and it was a great cultural experience.

Don't think I'm going to keep my eye lids open. I'd go sit in a brightly lit room but I don't think little bit would be too happy. Poor girl is hoarse from all her crying today.

Adjusting to not having as much freedom or having any alone time that comes with having an itty bitty. Its not awful just an adjustment. I remember not too long ago when I was bitter at how much more having a baby had changed my life compared to

I hate doing this but I can't keep my eyes open and I want to seize this opportunity. Some really heavy hitting verses in this chapter.

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