Tuesday, August 26, 2014

DAY 1467: EZEKIEL 44-4-4°

Stalking the Wagner kids twitter feed and trying not to bawl my eyeballs out. Love the way the Wagner's have pursued their kids and how much they love each other. I pray my kiddos grow up to be each other's biggest champions. I pray we push through the chaos and exhaustion and pursue these kids like crazy.

The Brownies made forts today and asked if they could sleep in them like the Lev children. Love that even if we were doing school this week the answer would have been yes. Thankful tonight redeemed my grumpalumpah spirit this afternoon.

My poor hubs walked in early this evening to Harriet the Hag. I had twenty forks already stuck in me and I didn't much care to push past my tude to be loving and kind. The really ironic thing is that I expect my kids to be able to push past a stinkpot mood. Awesome. Still grumpy but hoping some time with my friend Zeek will cure that.

Ezekiel 44-46 :
Restoration. Within restoration are boundaries and how things work when following with God. God lays out the new but old instruction for priests, sacrifices, ect.

Can't keep eyes open.


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