Friday, August 29, 2014

DAY 1470: DANIEL 4-6

Good day. Took the six pack to the park and came back home with minnows and tadpoles. I slightly fear how many critters we may end up with all in the name of the joy of learning. I will say this, I love our toads. They are really fun to watch. Actually the fun is watching them eat the bugs we throw in their tank. I'm very much aware that statement probably means I'm weird but sometimes you can't fight what you are.

Some rearranging today but what we really need is a complete overhaul. House is disgustor but what's new. Learning to embrace the filth. Still wouldn't say I'm ready for school to start Monday but might as get the ball rolling. Might even be better to not have it perfectly squared away, it's not like our days will go as I plan anyway. Everyday is a new adventure and it's best to hold it all extremely loosely.

At the park today I was reminded how much I cried while I was pregnant with this precious girl.

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