Monday, September 01, 2014

DAY 1473: HOSEA 1-3

Good day. First day of school in BrownTown. Nothing magical and not a complete full day yet but good day. My hubs had lots of opportunity to connect with our neighbors. Love that. Love this hood God has placed us in.

Praying through whether or not I should do ReGen. I do want to do it at some point but right now it sounds like a royal beat down. The homework sounds awful and I really would love the time on Monday night to have a couple uninterrupted hours with Jesus. I'm open though and I'm at least going to do the groundwork book since I'm sitting in Open Group right now anyway. I am aware today though how much I have an issue with pride and control though. If I'm going to go through ReGen I'd prefer to lead. Part of the reason is I'd be less likely to be a slacker and part of the reason because I like to do things my way and have a difficult time being lead. Hurray for pride and control! Life would be a lot easier if I could just stop sinning. :)

The baby is angry and I probably need to rescue my hubs. She has less than two weeks to stop teething.

Hosea 1-3:
It's hard to understand why God would have Hosea's life become a living illustration of Israel's unfaithfulness. Why must he marry somebody who The Lord knows will be unfaithful. Why must he call his children those awful names: no mercy and not my people? Yet I know that God is good and His story is beautiful but by no means comfortable. God help me to be willing to leave my idol of comfort so that I might fully be apart of your beautiful story.


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