Thursday, September 04, 2014

DAY 1476: HOSEA 7-9

Tired. Sitting here rocking w/out a baby in my arms and realizing how physically, emotionally and spiritually tired I feel. Other than anxiety creeping in about Costa Rica I feel incredibly content though but my time with God has lacked much. I've really tried to remain grounded in the truth that I have been set free this week and it's been pretty sweet. Still it's been thing after thing and check list after check list. Lots of good things but forgetting that this extrovert needs solo quiet time and frankly there hasn't been much to go around. 

Today was rough. Boys were full of energy and I was a total knucklehead and too focused on what I thought we were supposed to get accomplished. It's awesome that it only took till 10:30 to realize that. Sheesh! I feel like I should have a small herd of boys after this pack simply so I'll be able to put all my mess ups to good use. These boys are so fantastic. Thankful for them even on the days I feel like I'm living with the Three Stooges.

Gretchen fell off the roof today. My cycle is so incredibly bipolar right now but I'm thankful that my "no period in Costa Rica" prayers seem to be answered. I know anything is possible at this point but I'm going to consider myself thankful for today. Speaking of periods which makes me think of chocolate I've been using M&MS hits to help deal with the crazy in my days. My hubs mentioned something about how sweet potatoes were this morning and how everything is being genetically modified to be full of sugar. For whatever reason that really resonated with me and dangit I don't want to be a slave to sugar but I am. I am an addict and truly there is no getting around that. I need to kick it to the curb and my addict mentality wants to go immediately to that M&MS jar and use as much as I can before I'm convicted enough to truly do something about it. Ugh. So incredibly gross. 

My Bunny has some awesome diaper rash  and it has been traumatic for the both of us. I just know I'm scarring her from having to manhandle her to wipe her poopy bottom and put diaper cream on. I've definitely experienced the joys of changing a poo diaper on a super rashy bum before bit this firecracker took it to a new level today. We're both going to need counseling before those cute pinchy buns are fully healed. 

Hosea 7-9:
Thankful for the moments of quiet tonight. Tank filled.

Chapter 9 reminds me so much of America. There's so much in this chapter but this verse stuck out the most:

Like grapes in the wilderness, I found Israel. Like the first fruit on the fig tree in its first season, I saw your fathers. But they came to Baal-peor and consecrated themselves to the thing of shame, and became detestable like the thing they loved. (‭Hosea‬ ‭9‬:‭10‬ ESV)

They became detestable like the thing they loved. The thought of this is horrifying. It makes perfect sense but it's horrifying none the less. I think it's so shocking to me because you see it happening all around. People who have given over their lives to their own pleasures and selfish desires and where that road can lead people. 

God help me not be the frog in the pot of boiling water. Thank you for your Word that is living and breathing and pierces the soul and the spirit. Thank you for community who is willing to speak truth and love. 


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