Monday, September 08, 2014

DAY 1480: AMOS 1-2

Felt bad this morning not getting up to go work out. Right now I don't know how I would have possibly made it. Running on fumes.

Good first day of coop. Kids had a blast and two in particular wish they could go back tomorrow. No thanks. It's great but one day a week is just fine. Thankful for this good fit for our family.

Came home and I was a grump and so were the kids. Definitely seeing more need to get down time from the chaos. Once we can get our school rhythm down a mandatory quiet hour will be necessary for my sanity.

Missed worship at ReGen tonight and wanted to cuss up a storm. Made me realize how much I've been running on fumes lately. Feel like I've been colliding into things rather than abiding. This evening I could feel how withered I am.

Amos 1-2:
This isn't exactly what I was hoping for this evening but I do trust that this is exactly where I need to be. This is a list of nations and the judgement of fire that will be rained down on their walls. If it isn't bad enough the worst is saved for last and it's God's very own people.

Good stuff remembering the judgement I deserve but thanks to Jesus my debt is paid in full.


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