Tuesday, September 09, 2014

DAY 1481: AMOS 3-5

Brain tired. Baby up and super wiggly. Getting closer to our school days looking like a full day. Grammar and writing left to add in a couple weeks. Oldest handled doing the same math as her bro incredibly well today. All of us did have a coop hangover but I think we'll get into a good routine in the upcoming weeks.

Kids still up and it's driving me slightly bonkers.

Toads stole my attention. The toad thief not as on top of taking care of the toads these days. She must know that her Momma enjoys them more than her. I could probably sit and watch them gobble up bugs for hours. I'm pretty sure that makes me weird but I'm okay with that.

Better job abiding today. I had to mentally switch from slugging out the day and being annoyed by the boys being crazy to being okay with their childish antics. I really wish our backyard had more to offer them. It would be so fantastic to turn them loose on an acre or two. Lots of over the top dramatics but I know it's because they are exhausted. In my own exhaustion it's been hard giving them the sympathy over the "badly broken bones" in their poor little bodies that they are desiring. Ready for it to get cold so they will be more sedentary. Screen time turns them that way too. So thankful they are well and their bodies can crawl and jump and bang holes into walls and make lots of noise and chaos. Thankful for the sweet and tender moments mixed in with the I wanna pull my hair out moments. Thankful for the daily sanctification. It's painful and brutal some days but it's so worth it for each one of these kids. I am blessed beyond measure.

Luke read a book today and was so proud. He doesn't know the names of most letters but he knows the sounds oddly enough. I think we both needed that encouragement. I see his confidence growing and I'm so thankful for that.

Amos 3-5:
Today, today is what my heart yearned for. This reading is sad and reminds me a lot of our country. In the sadness and the continued judgement that will fall upon Israel I am reminded of God's great love for us, His sovereignty, His power and might. I needed to be reminded of how much He loves me regardless of whether or not I shoved M&MS in my face all day long. He loves me when it's hard to love my children. He loves me even though I'm stubborn and I kick and scream. I'm loved by the creator of the heavens. The creator of wonderful things like toads and people and beauty no artist can fully capture. That guy loves me and it's crazy and it doesn't make any sense but He does. Nobody can snatch me out of His hands.

And just like that exhaustion has hit like a ton of bricks.


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