Wednesday, September 10, 2014

DAY 1482: AMOS 6-7

Looked at the ten day forecast for Costa Rica and it's looking like we need to make sure to pack board games. 80 percent chance of rain the entire time we are there. So had my heart set on being on the beach and watching spectacular sunsets. Maybe we'll catch some rain breaks and get a chance to stroll on the beach after all. The good news is that because September is one of the rainiest months it's also one of the most beautiful months there. The other bonus is that since it looks like I won't be wearing a swimsuit much I can just keep shoving those M&MS in my face. Disappointed but life is full of it and surely being disappointed in Costa Rica can't be all that bad. Still incredibly thankful to be blessed with a ten year anniversary trip and with sweet friends willing to watch my Brownies.

Today started off with a big smash and crash. Dealt with one kid's shenanigans pretty well this morning but then did not handle another situation well afterwards. To make it even more wonderful is I was turdish right before doing bible. Get on my plan darnit so I can teach you about the bible! Ugly. This parenting gig is not for whimps.

After the morning debacles it was hard to gain traction the rest of the day. Got everything school wise done but it was a long haul. These days are long and hard work but it's good for character development and I'm thankful.

A sweet friend is bringing over leftovers tomorrow and I am so thankful!! Food is definitely one of my love languages. Surely one day it won't be so hard to feed my family. I feel ashamed to write such things. How blessed I am to be able to feed my family. Wish my heart was filled with gratitude and joy doing it but instead I view it as the ultimate beat down. God help give me new perspective. I selfishly pray that it would become easier to feed this crew.

Amos 6-7:
Again these chapters reek of America. Fat and "happy", materialistic, complacent and feel secure by things that are false. We are prideful and take pride in self reliance. Truth is snuffed out and turned out and labeled as intolerance and bigotry. Justice and righteous is the plumb line God holds up to Israel and the same will also be held held up to America. Woe be to us if hearts do not change.


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