Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DAY 1487: MICAH 1-4

Still exhausted from this previous week. Went into a town today to get groceries and it was great. Ready to move to Costa Rica :)

Where we are staying compared to outside the compound feels so surreal. It's almost like fantasy land. Strange getting adjusted to it but I am loving the beauty.

I was uptight this morning but I definitely think the boys were on my mind and I haven't fully switched out of mom mode yet. I'm still tired and my head feels a bit crazy. I have either a cold, a sinus infection or nutty allergies here which isn't helping with thinking clearly. Really hard thinking straight.

All of the above has given way to being where I am now. Laying by the beach enraptured by it's beauty, listening to the occasional thunder and my mind has wandered back to the things above. It's breath taking here and as I write that I could start crying again.

Lightening bugs, lightening, beauty, amazing critters, monkeys in a tree, outside shower while it's thundering.

No real words to explain this time. Insanely grateful.

Micah 1-4:
The word that sticks out most today is complacency. To me it's an ugly word. The things we can justify and turn a blind eye to. Israel has done that and it's taken them to some incredibly dark places. We first turn a blind eye and it isn't long before we are justifying and joining in. Lord let me not grow complacent.

Tonight talking with my hubs I feel at a loss about what our thing is. There are lots of things that get me fired up or that I'm passionate about but it hasn't come together into the thing. That might be a blessing in some ways but in order ways it's frustrating. What is it God? What is the thing we should strongly uphold and champion?


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