Wednesday, September 17, 2014

DAY 1488: MICAH 5

Made the transition from momma mode into full on wife mode. I miss my Brownies but the switch has been flipped. I had no idea just how much Les and I needed this time away together. I love that I get to be the mom of six kiddos but I needed this great reminder that before those little stinkpots I am a wife and Les came first.

Still can't get over how unreal this place is. I have no clue how the Blockers were able to give us this great gift. I don't know if I could do the same. I hope until my selfish heart grows I don't have to face such situations. Hate that this is the condition of my heart.

Beautiful sunset on the beach, hubs praying for a woman in need, new friends, amazing views from a crazy beautiful golf course, hermit crabs galore, outdoor showers, sweet friends watching my babies and giving sweet updates, waves crashing, lightening, and ample time connecting with my hubs.

Off the read Micah 5 and then off to bed. Costa Rica wakes up early and goes to bed early.

Ready to dream about Watermark Costa Rica.

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