Thursday, September 18, 2014

DAY 1489: MICAH 6-7, NAHUM

Unfortunately haven't been sleeping great at night but I imagine better than at home. I think I'm just a horrible sleeper. I think as Brownies get older and possibly even now I need really investigate this and get a better handle on it. Lack of adequate rest will kill me softly.

Now that I'm writing this and my allergies are just as awesome in Costa Rica as Dallas I really think it's confirmed that I need to be GF. I feel better all around. I don't know why living life without gluten feels so darn overwhelming. I do think it can be done and I know God will help me and provide. This is probably an area I just haven't wanted to fully surrender to The Lord. Part of it is laziness and part of it is just not wanting to give up what I want to eat. Food is an idol. I hate how easily I can turn the good things God has given me into a distraction from Him. How good is it that He loves me more than I can imagine even with my fickle heart.

This place is still crazy breath taking. My breath literally catches in my chest. Thankful for this time and although not excited about the lack of beauty and creation in Dallas I can't wait to see my babies. I'm so thankful for them. So thankful for my husband. Thankful for friends. Thankful for an amazing church. Thankful Jesus whose love is as vast as the ocean and who is always faithful.

Last full day in paradise. Hard not going and doing and seeing everything knowing this is a rare and beautiful opportunity for us. But my booty will be at the beach soaking it all in.

Great last day. This trip had been such a gift and blessing. Had no idea how much Les and I needed this. It probably took Costa Rica for us to make the effort to go solo. Time away is important. Thankful as we re-enter the beAutiful chaos we live in we will be more unified. Need to pray for what this looks like in the future but know time away is a must for us. So thankful for this time. Words can not express how great it has been.

Read this morning. Lots of thoughts on it. Must go pack so we can get up early and take full advantage of the couple hours we have tomorrow in paradise.

New friends, sunset kayak adventures, sea turtles, my favorite things converging together beach and thunder storms, outside in God's glory, outside showers, monkeys, sea shells, hermit crabs, lots of laughter, glimpses of newlywed life, tico Rico in a bowl, Inside jokes and great music.


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