Saturday, September 20, 2014


I hate that I can be so cynical. I hate that I can get so worked up over stupid things. God help me to see people the way you do and love like you do! Help me to get the log out of my eye instead of trying to get the speck out of my neighbors eye. Ugh!!! Hate that I care about things that don't even matter!!!

Good to be back with all my Brownies tonight. So thankful for sweet friends who loved them so well while we were gone! Normally after something like this we'd end up with a pile of kids in our bed. We already told them no!! It was so nice to not have a single child in our bed while in CR that we are hoping to keep that going for a bit linger. They are all piled up together even Bella and normally that helps. Definitely had fall out today by the three bigs. Oddly enough so far the three smalls are doing great. The little girls maybe a tad bit more clingy but not much.

I miss paradise but so thankful for these six cuties. I can't make Dallas beautiful but Les and I can become more diligent about carving out more time and space to continue to invest in our marriage. The effort to get away is so worth it!

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