Sunday, September 21, 2014

DAY 1492: HAGGAI 1-2

Tougher re-entry day today. Smalls frys are doing good besides being a bit more clingy but the two biggest are messes. So many fights and over the top drama. It's all the more fun in a messy dirty house. Pura vida!

I was thinking at one point as the howls from one wouldn't stop and I was holding a baby while trying to load the dishwasher and two boys were yelling at each other once again that actually being able to say pura vida in the mess of life is the key. It's easy to think life is all good at the Four Seasons in a place that is incredibly beautiful. The key to having a Pura Vida though is not basing what I think about life on my circumstances. Seeking out gratitude is one of the keys to having a pura vida. Pretty confident living in Costa Rica is also one of the keys to a pura vida and I'm willing to do my research. :)

Slowly but surely I think I'm starting to crack the code on one of my kiddos. He goes kinda bonkers during worship at the Dash and tonight I just sat down with him instead of fighting through it the whole time. It was so much better. I also just took him out to get a drink while he was struggling to not be a distraction during the talk. I respond in frustration or anger instead just took things for what they were. I simply can not change that kid or make him do what I want him to do. I can come along side him and train him the best I can or I can keep doing the things I've done in the past and try to change him. I have no control over his choices but I can surely change mine. I tell my kids that all the time. Great to actually act on what I teach.

My girl has been grieving over a loss of friendship. It's complicated and it's not as either of us would wish. Hate her heart being hurt by other people's choices but that is just life. Trying to teach her through all of this to not self protect and that maybe one day things can once again be restored.

Haggai 1-2:
Short and sweet book. Goes well with the sermon today. God first everything else second. Zzzzzzzzzz


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