Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Emotionally charged day. Reminded today that I can't place my hope on anything other than Jesus. That is the only place I can find a lasting pura vida.

Today I'm thankful for God's provision in a situation that feels greatly lacking in provision from others. I'm thankful for timing and a period of great refreshment and oneness with my hubs before going through a trial. I'm thankful for community and the great assurance of God's Sovereignty. I'm thankful that the story is never over even when it feels that way. I'm thankful The Lord can redeem any and every situation for His glory. Thankful for the sweet reminder of a friend last night that God doesn't always deliver us from the valley of death but He promises to walk through it with us.

Why don't kids ever cooperate and just go to bed on nights when everything has been drained already? Rough night solo but thankful for the sweet sounds of children snoring now. I will say again, parenting is NOT for the faint of heart.

Read an article about North Korea and I must say the chaos I'm facing now pales in comparison to the atrocities that those poor people face everyday. Heart broken for that country and for the many around the world who daily experience horrors that are unimaginable. Jesus come quickly.

Struggling with intense white hot anger right now. May I not respond out of the weakness of my flesh but rather die to self even when I'd much rather give full vent to my anger. God help me not grow weary of fighting the good fight.

Zechariah 2:
I so don't feel like reading tonight. I'd much rather medicate with chocolate.
No comfort in this tonight but I do take comfort in the fact that He fights for us.


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