Thursday, October 23, 2014

DAY 1524: LUKE 7

Today was, well, a good day. We were blessed by friends with a housecleaner today so we've been busting it to get the house clean for the housecleaner. That's so funny to me and I think always will be. Anyway, I'm happy to report our put of death playroom catch all room has a walkable middle and mount clean laundry and dirty laundry are mostly caught up. It's never ending really but there is no longer a table in my room loaded with laundry baskets. Thank you Jesus! I want to stay up all night so I can enjoy the clean house before my kids destroy it tomorrow.

A sweet friend treated us to dinner tonight so we wouldn't destroy our clean kitchen . Very sweet and thoughtful. Crazy overwhelmed tonight by how much people have loved on us over the past month. It's hard being on the receiving end but I'm so thankful. It's meant a lot to us.

Fun drop ins today and fun with friends at the park this afternoon. Again thankful for the gift of friendships. I don't feel like a great friend right now. I feel like the bitter angry troll friend. I am thankful anger is not the prevailing emotion currently. Probably sorrow and confusion is predominate. Anger is still there just not leading the pack today. I do want to use anger constructively though. Still not sure what that should look like.

Should do this everyday or more often when I have them but had a pretty good parenting realization today. One of my kiddos got his leg stuck and was super upset by it. I got to him as quick as I could after we got the leg unstuck and picked him up like I would my littles and just held him like that for awhile. Unfortunately I do t do that often. It hit me how I'm missing out that I don't. This kid does not handle pain well and there is always loud commotion accompanied by any slight bump. It drives me crazy. But when I don't comfort this kid and have compassion for his bumps and bruises or I roll my eyes at his reaction I'm telling him I want him to be somebody different. The kid will eventually toughen up. I've already seen that happen over the years especially around friends. The other thing is one day I won't be afforded the opportunity to comfort him the way I did today. One day I will long to comfort a little boy who has gotten a bump or a bruise but he will no longer be little anymore. He doesn't seem little now but he's only going to get bigger. One day before I know it that kid will be a man and if I don't seize the opportunity to soothe the hurts now I'll look back with regret on all the missed opportunities. Bruised and skinned knees now will turned into bruised and skinned hearts later and if I'm not willing to comfort him now he'll be less likely for me to comfort him later.

Luke 7:
The woman who washes Jesus feet with her tears. So beautiful. Oh Lord change the Stiff necked heart in me that completely misses it.


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