Sunday, October 26, 2014

DAY 1526: LUKE 9

Bullet points kinda day.

- good day

- sad about forgetting a sweet friends bday celebration today. I don't often get extended time with her and sad my brain didn't cooperate.

- I always slightly flip out when I completely brain lapse like today. I know today was a bit different but still. It reminds me of a time before I was married and I was driving my at the time boss and I forgot where I was. Sleep deprivation will do crazy things and I've always struggled with sleep but still.

- date with an unexpected kiddo today. Thankful. Struggle to connect with this sweet kid the most. I appreciate his differences but I don't get them on a personal level. Just thankful and reminded that I need to step up my pursuit of all my kiddos individually. The season is short.

-my absent mindedness truly drives me crazy

Luke 9:
God is good. His Word is amazing. Again so much packed into one chapter. Big take away tonight is to remember the Lord's faithfulness. Jesus sends out his disciples and basically commands them just to take the clothes on their back. They are charged to rely on God's daily provision for their basic needs. Jesus gives them the authority to perform miracles, to cast out every kind of demon and to heal. They get back and as the debrief is happening crowds surround Jesus, huge shocker. They tell Jesus to send them home so that these people can be provided for. Jesus responds by telling them to feed them. The disciples are dumbfounded. They forget the daily provision they were given and simply can't fathom greater miracles or provision happening. Their eyes are focused in circumstances of this world. God is not constrained by what we can see here on earth. Praise Jesus for that! His provision to feed 5,000 people is the same provision that will carry us day by day if we will let it. God be my daily provision in the little things and in the huge things! Let me not forget the daily provision when facing things that seem insurmountable.


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