Sunday, October 26, 2014

DAY 1527: LUKE 10

I'm so ready for my minions to be in bed. Up way too late last night. In a really bad sleeping pattern right now. Gotta get some better habits back in order starting with sleep and exercise.

Overall good day. Kids played with a sweet friend all day long. My oldest tried her crack at a face painting stand. Thankful for my hubs who just let her do it. I need to get over myself and just let my kiddos go for it sometime. I think I struggle with that often because once I give them an inch they take it to the extreme mile which often makes me want to pull out all my hair. Oh these amazing sanctifying little sweet ones.

These sweet and spicy little Brown girls are going to give me a run for my money. Bella is so much like Abbie when she was two. There is drama over getting the girl to put on every single article of clothes. I remember when Abbie was about this age and she was FINALLY dressed and trying to get her shoes on was yet another ordeal that I just threw the shoes across the living room. Everything is such a huge production including picking out BGPs ( big girl panties). In the meantime, Lillie is guzzling Drano from under the sink or shrieking mine stupid. This life of mine is so incredibly glamorous and I'm so thankful for it. These little stinkpots grow up way too quickly.

Luke 10:
Jesus sends out the 72 ahead of him in pairs and commands them to go without provision and take what provision is offered them when they arrive at the appointed towns. Wonder how Jesus picked this 72.

Martha invites Jesus to come to her house. She is busting it serving while Mary is at Jesus's feet. I envy Martha and her ability to be so high functioning. If it wasn't for Martha Jesus would have never been over at their house. Mary would have never been able to pull things together enough to get an invite out there to begin with. Thankful for all the Martha's and the Mary's in my life tonight.


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