Monday, October 27, 2014

DAY 1528: LUKE 11

1. Thankful for pj day at co-op today.

2. Dreamed about snake bites, car wrecks and running over people and things last night.

3. Exhausted.

4. I want to move to Montana. The insane winter isn't even a deterrent. Why Montana? Not sure. Last time I got an itch like this it was for Portland before Les and I got married. Oddly enough we ended up moving there about a year later. This "itch" could be born out of a desire to get away or maybe we'll move to Montana someday. Who knows? Until then I'll sit here and itch.

5. Still wish church was simpler. Christmas lights, outdoors, acoustic with voices raised to the Creator. We humans complicate everything.

6. I'm a Pharisee. Saw a dude with a bible tattooed on his right hand. He was smoking with his left. My first thought "oh that's great". I'm such a rotten stinkpot who is in desperate need of God's grace.

7. Feel like I'm in no man's land right now.

Luke 11:
So much going on that I'm missing. My tired brain is not working.


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