Saturday, November 01, 2014

DAY 1533: LUKE 16

30 days of gratitude kicks off today.
1. Thankful for getting to hold a precious baby girl tonight. So soothing for my soul.

2. Thankful for the precious family our family gets to date swap with. Love their kiddos and cherish their friendship.

3. Thankful my heart was pricked with sadness tonight over Baby CR. In the mess of everything there hasn't been much room to grieve the loss of a sweet little Brownie.

4. Thankful to get one project done today from start to finish.

5. Thankful for a hubs who fearlessly wrangles six kids including two littles who tag teamed him tonight.

6. Thankful for the six wonderful loud chaos makers that are in this house. God knew exactly that I would need each of them to shown me a clearer picture of who the great I AM is. They are such a blessing in so many ways.

7. Thankful for the person God created me to be. Thankful I can even write that. At one time it most definitely seemed like an impossibility to ever like myself. He knit me together with a plan and purpose in mind and none of my flaws, mistakes, struggles and weaknesses shall keep me from His rich bounty of love and grace.

8. Thankful for the joy of knowing my Savior and King. Great is His faithfulness.

9. Thankful for the difficulties of this past year that have helped to increase my understanding of the faithfulness of God. I so desperately desire to understand who God is more and more and because of hardships I can say that I know God more today and have a greater understanding of His provision and faithfulness than I did a year ago.

10. Thankful for how God brought a sweet gal into my life and placed her in community with me. Today marks her one year of digging in God's word every single day even with a crazy stomach bug.

Luke 16:
The chapter tonight is about money. The story of Lazarus and the rich man is pretty intense. A rich man eats, drinks and is merry while a poor man stricken with sores is outside the rich mans gates. He is hungry and longs to eat the morsels that fall to the ground. The rich man pays no notice to Lazarus. One day both die and Lazarus is carried off to heaven and the rich man goes to hell where he begs for Lazarus to bring him a drop of water.
1. Trading earthly pleasure and comfort for true riches that are eternal is absolute folly.

2. There will be those I know and those who I interact with on a daily basis that will go to hell. I need to gain an eternal perspective on those relationships. Lord give me a boldness and eyes to see.


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