Sunday, November 02, 2014

DAY 1534: LUKE 17

1. So thankful to be in bed right now.

2. This morning I woke up much earlier than I wanted but I'm so thankful I got to wake up I between two little snuggle bug girls.

3. Thankful for the beautiful crisp fall weather.

4. Thankful for a sweet friend who is not afraid to invite my entire family in spontaneously and feed us.

5. Thankful my precious girl loves the idea of marriage. She already knows it's possible God may not have her get married but thankful she desires to one day leave our family and start her own. Marriage was a scary gross thing to me growing up. The thought of pretending to get married never once crossed my mind and I would not have understood it if someone had suggested it. In high school when asked what greatest fears were I always responded getting married and growing old and decrepit. Sad.

6. Thankful for a sweet husband who asked how he could serve me despite being sick.

7. Thankful for the sweet friends my kiddos played with all day long.

8. Thankful for the triple bunk bed that thankfully all three boys are actually sleeping in!

9. Thankful for living in a country where we are free to worship w/out experiencing physical persecution. If that does indeed change someday I pray The Lord prepares my heart to be bold and to stand firm.

10. Thankful for renewed perspective today. Our house is crazy from trying to get projects done but as I sat snuggled with a lap full of babies I realized that the mess will always be there to clean but these kiddos will not always be around to snuggle. My kiddos will only be 8, 7, 6, 4, 2 and 1 for such a short amount of time. Two of them will be literally turning older in a couple weeks. I seriously can't handle how fast it all goes!!

Luke 17:
The rapture, importance of giving thanks, remembering humility, increasing faith, and dealing with sin in your life and not causing another to stumble especially a child.


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