Tuesday, November 04, 2014

DAY 1535: LUKE 18

1. Thankful tonight for the sweet friends God has placed in my life over the years. So good to be known.

2. Thankful for time with my Bit today. It's sometimes hard to just sit and enjoy her without being distracted by the to do list. Love this sweet and spicy little girl.

3. Thankful for a sweet kindergarten boy who still lets me hold his hand and snuggled in my lap at lunch. Love his heart for things in nature.

4. Thankful for a boy who is thrilled that his first Lego magazine has finally come. Thankful it's free!

5. Thankful for the gift of Baby CR. Thankful I can say that today.

6. Thankful for more emotional bandwidth to grieve over baby CR.

7. Thankful for hope. Life would be so bleak without it.

8. Thankful for a forecast of thunderstorms tomorrow.

9. Thankful for God's continual pursuit of us.

10. Thankful for more good conversations at PATH today.

Luke 18:
The story of the persistent widow and the blind beggar has me pondering a few things. They didn't give up even after they faced opposition. Lord give me the wisdom on when to keep pushing and when to back down.

Be with my friends that are hurting and sick. Help my hubs not get the pneumonia. This world is so broken Lord but I thank you for beauty that you can create out of the piles of ashes. Thank you for hope.


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