Tuesday, November 04, 2014

DAY 1536: LUKE 19

I see the value of hope like I have never valued it before. Hope softens the blow of the darkest hours. I thank God my darkest hours haven't been the same as others. I don't know how some people are able to put one foot in front of the other. Kate McRae is on my mind a lot these days. My heart is torn into bits for this family. I feel as if living their nightmare would crush me to the point of death. I don't understand why some suffering is allowed this side of heaven especially when it's a child. Jesus come quickly.

1. Thankful for the years of sweet babies digging in the dishwasher.

2. Thankful for a spicy little girl who enjoys turning her body into a living canvas.

3. Thankful for living in the loudest house in the city.

4. Thankful for an entire day of rain.

5. Thankful for the miracle of hot tea and a hubs who is feeling a little better.

6. Thankful for the freedom to vote.

7. Thankful for God's beautiful story of redemption in my life and the life of my friends.

8. Thankful for three feral boys who make my days adventurous.

9. Thankful for my precious girl who pushed past fear tonight.

10. Thankful for good health.

Luke 19:
The story of Zacchaeus has always been a favorite of mine. Zac a rich man who knows no other way hears of this Jesus, this hope of something new, yet because of the crowds he can't see the man he's heard so much about. In desperation he finds a tree to just get a glimpse and his world changes forever. The man, the one who everybody has been talking about, calls him by name and tells him to get ready because he's coming to visit at his house this very day. Used to being associated with rift raft and other low life's I can't imagine Zac's joy as Jesus calls him by name. He sees us in our desperation. We need not climb that sycamore tree yet even if we do Jesus meets us where we are and He knows us by name. When I stop and think about that it blows my mind every single time. We're never good enough in this world. Yet the Creator of the heavens and the earth considers us good enough because we are His. We've been separated from Him and yet He has been willing to offer Himself up so that we can once again be restored. It's crazy.


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