Thursday, November 06, 2014

DAY 1538: LUKE 21

Feeling incredibly raw tonight. There is a convergence of big things that have happened recently and the overwhelming feeling is loss. Getting the kid flu I'm sure hasn't helped.

Distracted myself looking up stuff for two bday parties coming up. I don't know what it is about a certain little girl but she makes me want to spend obscene amounts of money. I NEVER would have considered a $30 shirt but for I did tonight for a personalized Katerina Kitty Kat shirt. I think I realize just how fast they grow up and I want this little girl to be a tutu wearing princess for as long as possible. This phase will vanish overnight. I didn't get the shirt but I sure did want to. On another note I can't believe my baby boy is turning five. I simply can't handle that!!! I'm a total mess!

1. Thankful for the awesome little people my kids are growing up to be.

2. Thankful for a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

3. Thankful for my children's Halloween candy.

4. Thankful I just have a cold and not a puke bug.

5. Thankful to be connecting with my feelings even if that means I'm a total and complete mess.

6. Thankful that God's plan has always been to rescue us.

7. Thankful Gretchen is about to pack her bags and leave.

8. Thankful dinner came together again tonight. No clue how that happened.

9. Thankful that even though not much got "accomplished" today we did break down some bible and the bookshelf no longer has collapsing piles of books.

10. Thankful for friends who deliver unexpected treats.

Luke 21:
The sweet widow who gives all she has to The Lord. God help me to give you all I have.

The rest is persecution, death, war, destruction and the return of Christ. Fun stuff. He will equip us and give us strength and the words we need to say to give all glory to God when we need them.


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