Saturday, November 08, 2014

DAY 1540: LUKE 23-24

The sweet Bit has not slept well for what feels like many weeks now. That combined with my own fall back dysfunction and I'm a sleepy mess. I'm glad fall and winter are here and hibernating like a troll is now acceptable.

Thinking a lot today about this crazy year in BrownTown. I think The Lord has shaken up three things that I care about dearly family, church and friends. Each has been a blessing for The Lord and He can give and take away as He pleases. To see each thing I hold dear be shaken has given me a new perspective on just how truly blessed I am. So many long for just one of those areas to be a source of joy and encouragement. I don't want to take those things for granted anymore and I also don't want to turn any of those things into idols either. Although this year has been difficult there are many things I am thankful for. There are still things that I struggle with and things I can't possibly see good coming from it. However, I have to keep trusting that God can see the bigger picture. This world is hard and my children will be crushed. I would love to protect them from everything but ultimately I need to teach my kids how to walk in those valleys with Jesus and how to entrust their hurts and heartaches to Him. God may their pain and hardships draw them closer to you. Create in them hearts that are passionate for you and eyes that can see your faithfulness in times of difficulty and doubt. I am so thankful for each of my children. May I entrust them wholeheartedly to you.

1. Thankful for beautiful fall days.

2. Thankful for holding a cute little peanut if even just for a moment.

3. Thankful for seeing the beauty of the intensity and passion of one of my children today. Lord may I no longer desire to change him but rather embrace who you created him to be.

4. Thankful for a solo trip to Costco and that I made it out alive. The Costco on a Saturday is quite the adventure.

5. Thankful for food in my fridge.

6. Thankful for the hearts of friends and the desire to follow after Jesus in the midst of a complicated and sorrowful situation. Thankful for the gift of friendships.

7. Thankful for my husband and the way he loves us.

8. Thankful to be in the quiet which is a rare treat.

9. Thankful for Jesus.

10. Thankful the tomb was empty.

Luke 23-24:
Great reading from my physical bible. It's been way too long.
Reminded that Jesus meets us in our brokenness and our desperation. Lord I pray my children are broken and realize their desperate need for you.

So much greatness in these chapters but my eyes are closing.


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