Tuesday, November 11, 2014

DAY 1543: ACTS 3

1. Thankful for the beautiful sight of children in footie pj's.

2. Thankful for my oldest who was such an incredible peacemaker tonight and rallied everyone to play a fun game. Challenged and spurred on by her tonight.

3. Thankful for my hubs who went to the store so I didn't have to brave the permafrost caused by the bone chilling 40 degree temps. Don't think I'm cut out for Montana but I'm willing to die trying.

4. Thankful for food on the table three times today. I take that for granted far too often.

5. Thinking of Ann Voscamp right now and thankful for the many passions and talents The Lord has given His people.

6. Thankful for the abundant grace of Jesus.

7. Thankful for the sound of two sweet little girls sawing logs. Would be even more amazing if it was three girls. (Hint hint Abbie girl :)

8. Thankful for the joy of having an 8 year old daughter. Can't believe I've been doing this parenting gig for almost 9 years now. Every year that goes by I'm more and more convinced that I haven't the slightest clue about what I'm doing. Thankful The Lord isn't surprised or caught off guard.

9. Thankful I'm in bed. I'm thankful for spicy little baby girl's but whew the spice in the middle of the night is something!

10. Thankful that even after being in a rough season I can say with great joy and confidence that God is good!

Acts 3:
Need to chew on this longer. Peter is no nonsense. Fits in well with lots of my churn. Till tomorrow . Date night.


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