Thursday, November 13, 2014

DAY 1545: ACTS 4

Good times today with friends and fun with hands on math. Co-op family night. Lots of sweet families and I'm thankful my kids love it. Exhausted though and the kid funk and pinched nerve in my shoulder/neck is making me a grumpy pants. The usual bedtime drama is extra special tonight too. Good times.

1. Thankful for the women who have invested so much time to make the co-op we are apart of exist.

2. Thankful to be in bed. Will be even more thankful when six little people are asleep in their bed.

3. Thankful for museum memberships and friends.

4. Thankful for chocolate cake.

5. Thankful for pizza.

6. Thankful for teachers who invested so much into my kids the past ten weeks.

7. Thankful for warm boots.

8. Thankful for an irritating inconvenience that was good perspective as a parent. I can be a such a self centered stink pot.

9. Thankful God is so much better at this parenting gig than I am.

10. Thankful for my hubs who accept me for who I am.

Acts 4:
1. The believers are passionate and boldly proclaim Christ.

2. When faced with opposition prayer is their immediate go to.

3. The Holy Spirit has empowered them to speak boldly.

4. The believers are incredibly grounded in scripture to back up their message. Plus they were eye witnesses to Jesus's death and resurrection which gave them credibility to people. At this point the number of believers was around 5,000.

5. Nobody who was a believer was in need or want. People did not view their possessions as their own. Lots of huge lessons here!


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