Sunday, November 16, 2014

DAY 1548: ACTS 6

Still a hot mess but just not as hot and messy today. Too much going on with wild children and a sick little girl. Funny how each kiddo handles illness differently. As long as I kept drinks coming and had Daniel Tiger on my Bunny was content.

My baby boy turns 5 tomorrow. Can't believe how fast time goes by. Might be a hot mess for a whole different reason tomorrow which will be greatly welcomed. Thankful for that precious boy!!!

Acts 6:
Seven are chosen to help take the load off the 12 disciples in managing good distribution ect. Stephen is among the seven chosen.

People who dislike Stephen begin a campaign to smear him and round up false witnesses and lies to accuse him.

Stephen's wisdom and integrity stands out and his accusers are unable to nab him on anything real so they have to lie.

This is a good reminder. I want to maintain integrity as I walk out some tough conversations. I can't do this w/out Jesus.


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