Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DAY 1550: ACTS 8

1. Thankful for celebrating a sweet friend's bday and for a small taste of communal living.

2. Thankful for hearts that seem to have softened.

3. Thankful for ample opportunities to train my children.

4. Thankful to be on the same page as my husband.

5. Thankful for cold snuggly weather.

6. Thankful for the warmth of sunshine on a cold day.

7. Thankful for a warm house.

8. Thankful for bedtime.

9. Thankful for the power of the Holy Spirit and for little hearts that are convicted.

10. Thankful for chocolate cake.

Big talk coming up soon. Hopeful yet anxious.

Acts 8:
Interesting chapter with lots of interesting points. Going to investigate commentary and chew on this.


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