Saturday, November 22, 2014

DAY 1554: ACTS 10

Love how God works in the early church. Visions, obedience without question, passion, the Holy Spirit very much active and the unity of hearts that beat for The Lord. One word resonates with me in all of this and it's faithfulness. Oh the beauty that arises out of the faithful .

I can't help but think about precious friends today as I write about faithfulness. They have faithfully given of their time, their resources, their talents and their energy to serve a little school for years. Year after year serving and giving of time and hearts. Some would have moved on out of boredom or desire to cause a "bigger impact". Yet faithfully they have served year after year. It appears that something new has given birth out of their faithfulness to this little school. A sex slave rescued and now in recovery. Parents who have been loved on. A home opened to the most innocent ones who have been cared for and loved during times of crisis. The mission field has greatly expanded and the eternal impact that has been made year after year after year might only fully be made known on the flip side of eternity. Oh how beautiful faithfulness can be. Oh how beautiful are the faithful. Lord may I be willing to "just say yes". May I be faithful in the small day to day and mundane and may I be faithful in the big things.

Thank you Lord that you are ever so faithful to me despite my lack of faithfulness in return.


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