Sunday, November 23, 2014

DAY 1555: ACTS 11

I'm a fatigued grumpy troll with an annoying cold and achy muscles and joints. I wanna lay in bed and whine, snuggle with my hubs and watch something stupid on TV and fall asleep drooling and snoring.

Acts 11:
Peter tells the circumcision party about how The Lord sent him to Gentiles who also received the gift of the Holy Spirit. This must have thrown Jews for a complete loop at first. Instead of being staunchly opposed to Gentiles becoming Christians they rejoiced that salvation was now being extended to the Gentiles. This is huge! Great reminder to me to not get wrapped up in legalized tradition. So easy for the tail to wag the dog. God may your church be about loving your people , embracing truth and holding proclaiming the gospel.


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