Thursday, November 27, 2014

DAY 1559: ACTS 14

Good laid back Thanksgiving. Our orphans didn't end up materializing but it was fine. Kids were tired today which made for some fun. Overall thankful for sweet friends, sweet family and a beautiful day. Next year have some prep ideas that will help things in the future. Headed to bed fat, bloated, exhausted and happy. Not too shabby.

Got sucked into the internet vortex looking up top toys for Christmas and stalking my neighbors on Nextdoor. This is going to be the year of the neighbor. We have missed our annual block party two years in a row and I'm really bummed about it. Want to take back some neighborhood ground. Been considering having another happy birthday Jesus party for the kiddos on our street or a Christmas stop in Brunch or something. Praying for creativity. Hospitality and administration is so not my gift but it's also not an excuse.

Acts 14:
Phone about to die and the ham we took a gamble on today is looking like we might have lost.

Crazy amazing chapter. Huge testament to the faith of Paul and Barnabas. Acts is really making me want to dive into history.


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