Friday, December 05, 2014

DAY 1567: Advent

Felt dizzy and lightheaded all day long. Thank you Big D for being a giant festering armpit full of allergies. Wish I could move all my favorite people to Montana or somewhere just as beautiful with me. This place is killing me softly.

The Nest today. Well oiled machine. It's amazing what the Body of Christ can do. Incredibly thankful for the hands that served little ones so Momma's could hear the speaker.

First time I've heard or seen the speaker since a difficult meeting. I'll be honest I avoided him and yet got caught in a hall with him. Thankful he was on the phone and couldn't say more than hi. I do trust his heart and I do need to have hard conversations that I'm confident he'll respond to with grace. Words were said today that did touch a very sore spot. God has been so faithful but I need Him to continue to perform miracles. Some have already been performed and for that I'm thankful. I do continue to pray for even more.

Thankful to be holding a sweet little baby girl tonight. Nothing in this world will matter as much as the time and energy we invest in these little ones and big ones as parents.

Phone about to die.

Advent devo. Great. Once again opened a world I never thought about. I heart Piper.

Acts 18:
Love the brotherly love that went on in the beginning church. There's no agenda to be the head dude. Instead they all encourage each other to just speak the Gospel.


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