Wednesday, December 31, 2014

DAY 1591: 2 Peter 3

Thankful for an impromptu date from a sweet friend willing to brave our crew especially with our Lilly Bear who has been quite the bear lately. Hadn't thought much about it but she's totally teething her molars. Thankful there is a reason she's been a stinker lately. She's definitely not tough as nails like Bella. They are all wired so differently! Keeps me on my toes.

So thankful for this time off with my hubs. Thankful for His saints that have been praying for us. This break has been much needed and so good for our family. God has been so gracious to us and has provided manna in so many unexpected ways.

Hate the sorrow that this world can contain. Hate it even more when a friend has to walk in it. Jesus come quickly.

2 P 3:
Overall this chapter is grim for those who choose not to follow Christ. Pride and arrogance are so foul and yet I know I can reek of both. Hate that and yet I'm so thankful for His mercy, grace and salvation. I have no clue why The Lord has shown me kindness and mercy that I don't deserve. While I was still a rebellious sinner and giving Him the one finger salute He bestowed such mercy and love to me. He plucked this wayward rebellious child from the pit of hell and yet I still choose to be prideful. His endless mercy never ceases to amaze. Even with grace upon grace I still dare to square off with Him and ask an angry why. Even then He bestows upon me endless mercies and is gracious to me. How dare I ever be foolish enough to cast a stone at another and yet I do. Wrecked by His vast amounts of endless love and mercy towards me tonight.


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