Sunday, January 04, 2015

DAY 1596:GENESIS 10-11

My boy is starting to come back to me. Slowly but surely he's growing confidence again in sharing his precious heart. His sweet little hands and feet are looking so much better too. I could weep that stress overtook his sweet little body so much that his hands and feet were peeling and cracking. It occurred to me the other day that most of his fourth year has been marred by fear, stress and anxiety. Had I only known the real reasons behind his change in behavior. I just assumed the terrible three's had hit him late. This part of the journey has been hardest to rest in God's hands and yet He's walking me closer and closer to full surrender daily. God loves this precious little tiger boy. He has and always will be in God's hands. May God continue to heal his heart and ease the fears and anxiety of divorce caused by him. May lies be replaced by truth.

Tonight I long to be in Montana watching the cleansing snow fall to the ground. I know Montana simply represents the next chapter. I feel like I'm Noah stuck on the ark. The rains have subsided but I'm still stuck on this blasted ark full of animal poo. I'm ready for the rainbow and for sacrifices on the altar. But the flood waters have yet to fully subside and only a fool would grumble at the Lord's provision.

What's coming down the tracks feels inevitable yet I know all things are possible with God. Unfortunately it feels as if another wave is about to hit. God please protect the hearts of my sweet ones. They have experienced so much loss this past year. May they see your goodness even in the depths of the most turbulent storms. Here's our hearts Lord, please in your mercy and your grace speak what is true. Thank you for the ways you have been so gracious to us. You have kept us afloat and sustained us even while I've kicked and screamed in the process.

Listening to a chatty little boy who should be asleep and his dad. These are the sweet mercies He rains down from heaven. May I not miss out on your graciousness and provision by being a stiff necked grumbler. May I embrace each day with thanksgiving and rejoicing in YOU.

Gen 10-11:
Genealogies. I used to skip over these or labor through them bored as bored could be. These lists are no longer just lists of boring drudgery. They tell a beautiful story and sometimes the names foretell a sorrowful ending. What will our genealogy represent to the world someday? What legacy will these six sweet, wild and sassy Brownies leave? What story will be written by their children? I pray it's one of walking faithfully and courageously with The Lord. May these little ones and those not so little anymore be the next generation of Esther's, Abigail's, Daniel's, Paul's, Elijah's, ect . Oh Lord may they trust you in the midst of their storms. May they rejoice over persecution and seize every opportunity you give them. May the walk humbly with you.


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