Monday, January 05, 2015

DAY 1597:GENESIS 12-14

Whew! Reentry is something! We completed an entire day of school even with a baby Klingon and a grumpy pants toddler. Other insanity went on but we got it done. All I want to do is sleep or eat chocolate cake but the two little wild things are up causing a wild rumpus.

In a hard season with one of my bigs. Think this might be a painful road for all of us as we walk the road of loving discipline and discipleship. So keenly aware how my anger has hurt the hearts of my two oldest boys. Oy! Thankful God can work in the hearts of these kiddos despite my shortcomings and failures. Amazing grace how sweet the sound.

Gen 12-14:
In these chapters Abram fully trusts God with his possessions. He does not hold tightly to them or fight for what is his. Yet when faced with his mortality Abram goes into self protection / self preservation mode. This is my go to mode. I can slip into self preservation mode faster than a blink of an eye. Yet God in His goodness has been wooing me over the years to not self protect, to not fight for self preservation but rather fully trust Him with everything. So difficult and often I fail. Praying God would specifically shine light in the areas of my life that I'm like Abram in Egypt especially during this season. I really do want to trust The Lord fully but that won't happen as long as I continue to self protect.


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